How to Code Roamer to Do Cool Dances

Kids Find Out How to Make Roamer Dance at Coding Event

The EU Code Week takes place between the 7th and 22nd October 2017.  Over 968,537 students will take part in 23,043 events in 50 countries on 4 Continents.  Roamer supported the University College London event held on the 7th October.  Children from 3 schools made Roamer Dance.  Children from St Joan-of-Arc Islington won a prize and made Roamer blush by telling the room, “The best part of the day was making Roamer dance”.  The most gratifying part of the event was when Willow Banks, Primary School teacher, Andy Wykes, explained how one of his children had made his first ever journey on London Transport.  His desire make the trip Bexley to Kings Cross Station meant he had to overcome his autism.  The shy little boy could only manage to work alone, but Andy reported, “He loved playing with Roamer – it was his favourite part of the day”.  It showed in his excellent solo dance performance – it was the best of the day.  St Matthew’s School, Westminster had two groups of students attending the event.  Teacher Hannah Marshall, shuffled between the two to check on what was happening.  None of the children in any of the groups had met Roamer before.  Hannah left the Roamer group while Kate Hudson was showing them how to write programs.  Ten minutes later she returned to find her class in every nook and cranny in the room.  She remarked, “They’re so focussed!”  Well – that’s what Roamer does.