European Code Week 2018

How can Your Kids Make Roamers Soar Like the Red Arrows?

Another year and another European Code Week which took place between 6th and 21st October. University College London (UCL) once again invited Roamer to take part on their Friday 12th event. This time we worked with three schools, and much younger children. We decided on a theme inspired by the Red Arrows: the Royal Air Force’s Acrobatic Team. Air forces from many countries show off the skills of their best pilots with display teams.

The aircraft fly at speeds of up to 650 miles per hour (1,040 kilometres per hour) and get as close as 1.8 metres (6 feet) to each other. Their acrobatics consists of loops and rolls and formation flying where the aircraft form shapes like diamonds, triangles and arrowheads. Many countries have similar areobatic teams so we also featured the Saudi Hawks.

The students hadn’t used Roamer before so they had to learn how to program it and then create a display. They found it difficult to press the GO button at the same time and this led to a few ‘mid-air collisions’. We tried several ways to get them to synchronise their efforts – like appointing a squadron leader to count down. One group of children found a wonderful solution: they all counted down together: 3, 2, 1 go.

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